** The services are adapted to the clientele **

The LeadHers Krump class is a weekly Krump class for girls and women. The approach is especially adapted to learn and explore the foundations and essence of Krump differently: it is particularly encouraging self-surpassing, perseverance and development of the physical and mental full potential.

  • We tackle technics and basics, the “character”, musicality, freestyle and all the important elements related to Krump culture
  • The class is open to all levels and ages.


  • Cost varies depending of the duration of the session.

We also have a physical training integrated to the LeadHers class!
Based on body weight training, it prepares the body accordingly to do the movements and help developing and maintaining a better physical condition.


  • Purchase .
  • Drop-in: $15

  • Initiation to Krump/option of adding a conference (between 1h30 to 3h)
  • Conference (1h30)
  • Immersion: series of workshops with conference (minimum 3 workshops of 1h30 to 3h each)
  • Exploration of creativity (one workshop or series of workshops, between 1h30 to 3h)
  • Cultural mediation

Private class and Mentorship –

**Classes and mentorship can be complemented with a workout program (on demand/extra charges)

Healthy habits and regular physical activities  awareness is part of all the curriculum.


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