THE CLASH is a special dance event that happened for the first time in 2014 in Montreal, Canada. Organized by Taminator (Montreal Krump Alliance, BuckSwans, LeadHers), the event has the goal to gather Krumpers and all kind dancers in one place, at the same event and make them battle each other.

Krump is still new in the dance world and not well recognized. The Clash has the goal to give a place to Krump in the dance movement, open minds and to be more known and demystified.The event has a Junior and Adults tournament in a battle format: dancers face each other in a duel.

First of this kind in Canada, The Clash makes Krumpers face dancers of other styles (hip hop, popping, waacking, etc.). The particularity is that everybody has to dance on each other music: one round on Krump music, one round on music style associated to the specialty of the opponent.
Creating this way, a culture shock but at the same time, create a unification of all the styles: the dancers have to defend/represent their own style, specialty(ies) but must adapt it to any situation and music.


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