Valerie Chartier

- Taminator aka Lady Maddripp -

Valerie Chartier has gained much experience over the span of her 41 years dance career. She began at the age of 3 in ballet and soon after discovered the styles of jazz, contemporary and pointe. In 2004, she discovered street dance and Krump. Valerie, aka Taminator aka Lady Maddripp, student of one of the creator of the dance: Tight Eyez, is one of the first female who took part in the very first Krump community in Quebec and Canada.

She has been invited as a guest teacher and artist to the biggest Krump camp in the world, The Krumpire, in Russia. She also assisted Jaja Vankova (SYTYCD, IAMme Crew) to teach workshops and perform at the well renowned camp Fair Play Dance Camp (Poland) and in Los Angeles.

Valerie is also a director and choreographer: She choreographed and performed a Krump solo with cello, THIN, and she created and performed an 1h Krump duet with Yannice Ouellet in 2022. She was also part of the distribution of Phase 1 by Forêt Noire. She also created a video project gathering female Krumpers from around the world in a Flashmob concept “LeadHers Flashmob” (co-choreographed by Jaja Vankova).

Avec les productions Unkut dans la pièce Renézance, elle a performé entre autres, au Festival Vue sur la Relève. Son implication dans le Krump l’amène également à participer et performer à des compétitions nationales et internationales (Montréal, Toronto, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Allemagne, France, Russie), des films, vidéos et publicités (Sokoloff Lingerie, Miss Me Art, Sur Le Rythme, ARTV). Elle est aussi participante à l’émission Révolution saison 3.

Valerie also has been the organizer of a dance event called “The Clash” since 2013: a tournament that creates clashes between krump vs all of the other street dance styles. Since 2014, she is general and artistic director of Montreal Krump Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and support of the Krump culture throughout Quebec and Canada: MKA organizes different events and creates platforms for Krumpers to express and expand their art such as the biggest Krump Festival in Canada: Gutta Zone.

Finalement, elle a fondé LeadHers, un programme qui cible particulièrement les femmes à travers l’éducation et productions artistiques comme les classes LeadHers et l’événement LeadHers Rookies Tournament. En utilisant le Krump comme outil d’exploration et d’expression de la force mentale et physique et inspirant ces dernières au fait qu’il n’y a aucune limite définie par le genre.




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