They say motivation is the key. But where is this motivation to be found? How many times I’ve heard people say: “I don’t have the motivation to train…” “I don’t have the motivation to do this and that…”. Where do we find the motivation? The question that should be asked first is: what is motivation? Enthusiasm to do something. Or the need or reason for doing something. There is quite of a nuance here… See, the problem resides in the fact that people WAIT to feel that motivation to act upon. This would correspond to the first definition and it misses a big step to make this motivation occur in our lives. To feel that enthusiasm, it would first need to come from something else, don’t you think? The WHY will trigger the enthusiasm. So here is the second definition that comes into play and really defines WHAT & WHERE is the motivation coming from, what it truly is. 


Obviously, the next question is: WHY? Why do you want to train or practice or simply obtain something for yourself and your life? Why do you want A or B or C?

We can have several why’s. That’s ok and that’s actually good as it can reinforce that motivation and chances to accomplish our goals. However, we can agree that some of our why’s may be based on our ego needs…or should I say, desires and it can prevent us to either stay motivated (!), consistent or either achieve our goal(s). So, in this process, we should do some introspection to evaluate WHY we want to achieve certain goals. It will just allow us more clarity, honesty towards ourselves and awareness and gives us more chance to stick with motivation or go back to it: we can’t lie to ourselves: despite it all, we can ALL experience a drop in our motivation at some point. The WHY will help us to get back on track!. Or else, we will have to move on to another goal!!!  And that is totally fine. We need to take the time to find the genuine source of motivation.

Bottom line, if you want to trigger that motivation start by sitting down, grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down WHY do you want this: establish specific goals to engage in training, practicing or achieve something career, personal wise, according to your situation. Evaluate what is genuine and what is not to give you more chance to keep that motivation. If it is not genuine, keep digging to find the reason(s) why you would engage in this path. If you have trouble: think about what it will bring you to reach X-Y-Z. Motivation is a very important ingredient to accomplishment. 

But you know…this is only one of the ingredients. 

Concrete actions



Are 3 more ingredients that will contribute to your recipe for success…

One more thing… we say: Appetite comes when you eat. Well, it is debatable but we can definitely apply this to motivation. You need to act to make the ball rolling…meaning DO SOMETHING. Being in action will instantly gives you energy, a sense of control in your life and yea. It will be motivating! Motivating to keep going!

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